Solving one of cancer's biggest puzzles

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Will you help your University solve the puzzle of drug resistance?

"With more research, who knows what could be achieved? If scientists can crack the puzzle of drug resistance, they’ll be a big step closer to overcoming it completely.

If you can, please support this special appeal. Your gift will give hope to people like me." 

- Peter Hurst, cancer patient

Thanks to amazing progress in research, more people than ever are surviving cancer. But every day hundreds of patients receive the devastating news that their cancer has become resistant to treatment. Sadly, many are left out of hope, and out of options.

Now you can help your university take on the problem of drug resistance. Will you make a gift, to help expand our research team and make a drug resistance breakthrough happen sooner?

Solving the puzzle

Solutions to drug resistance are desperately needed. But to overcome this pressing problem, we first need to understand how tumours become resistant to treatment.

Manchester researchers are leading the way. We've created models that allow us to observe the process of drug resistance in the lab, using tumour cells that circulate in the blood. 

For the first time, we can see what's happening inside patients' bodies. A drug resistance breakthrough has never been closer.

Help build the team

The models we've created could hold the key to understanding and tackling drug resistance. But to take the next step in our research, we need your support. We urgently need to raise £150,000 to expand our team with a talented PhD student.

With your help, our new team member will delve deep into the mechanisms that drive drug resistance. The discoveries they make will pave the way for life-saving new therapies and treatments.

Re-writing the future

This incredible research will take place inside Manchester's world-leading new cancer research building. It's the perfect environment for a breakthrough to happen.

Over the past few years, thousands of alumni, staff and friends have made gifts to help create this amazing new centre. Now you can support the next chapter in the fight against cancer.

New hope for cancer patients

For people like Peter Hurst, who is living with small cell lung cancer, your gift will bring new hope.

Small cell lung cancer is particularly prone to developing drug resistance. Just one in five patients will survive five years after diagnosis.

Today, you can play your part in changing that. With another talented scientist tackling drug resistance, research progress will happen more quickly. Which means answers to drug resistance could be just around the corner.

Please back this vital research today, and help speed up progress towards a drug resistance breakthrough.

Thank you.

It's quick and easy to give to The University of Manchester from wherever you are in the world. If you have any questions about making your gift, just contact our friendly team at

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