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At Manchester, we know that our students and researchers have the power to change the world. Whether it’s fighting cancer, tackling poverty or finding more sustainable sources of energy to fuel our future, we’re committed to addressing some of society’s biggest issues.

But we can’t do this alone. A gift from you today, no matter how big or small, will help pave the way to a better world tomorrow.

Universities are a place to explore our curiosity – a place to push back the boundaries of human knowledge and make new discoveries that could benefit society. Your support could take life-saving research from the lab to the clinic. And you could even be a part of the next big Manchester breakthrough.

We believe that bright people should have access to a world-class education, regardless of their social or financial background. Your gift could give a talented student from a low-income household the opportunity to fulfil their potential. You could enable them to fulfil their dream of a university education and give them the confidence to come to Manchester.

From helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds to supporting life-changing research, a donation from you will make the world of difference. And by giving where it’s needed most, you’ll help us respond to new challenges and make sure that no cause is forgotten about.

At this challenging time, your support means more than ever before.

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