Preserve the past and shape the future at the Rylands

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Preserve the past and shape the future at John Rylands Research Institute and Library

The John Rylands Research Institute and Library is a very special place indeed. Founded through philanthropy over 120 years ago, the Rylands holds some of the most extraordinary rare books, manuscripts and archives in the world.

Home to collections spanning 4,500 years, the Rylands offers unique insights into diverse cultures, communities and religions across the globe. It’s a place where world-leading researchers, curators and library specialists collaborate to explore the human experience over five millennia and up to the present day.

But many of the collections are poorly documented and unknown to researchers. Many items are extremely fragile. They need urgent attention to digitize, catalogue and study them, and specialist treatment by expert conservators. This will ensure their long-term use by researchers and the wider public.

By supporting the Rylands, you’ll ensure that these incredible collections are preserved and made accessible to all. You’ll help to reveal their enormous cultural significance and safeguard them for generations to come. And you’ll give the brightest minds the tools they need to make incredible discoveries and to confront some of the world’s most compelling issues.

With so many secrets just waiting to be uncovered, who knows what they might find?

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