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Time and again, we've seen what our worldwide Manchester community can achieve together. No matter where you are, you're part of a global network of like-minded people - who all care about making the world a better place for everyone.

On Saturday 29 May, alumni and friends of the University will be coming together to celebrate. Through the Worldwide Manchester Run, we'll be showing the world how powerful our community is. And with your help, we're even hoping to set a new world record.

By taking part in the Worldwide Manchester Run, you can also make a difference to Manchester students. We're asking all participants to make a suggested donation of £5, to help bright people from disadvantaged backgrounds to join us at Manchester this September.

Our cause

Across the UK, young people from the poorest households are six times less likely to go to a top university than their peers.

The pandemic has made it even harder. With family incomes squeezed and fewer opportunities to earn money through part-time work, it's more difficult than ever for those from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to university at all.

When you make your suggested donation, you'll be helping to provide scholarships - giving bright people the chance to join us at Manchester. And you'll increase the financial support that's available to them when they get here, so they'll never be forced to give up their education.

Donate today

Every penny of your suggested donation will go directly to supporting disadvantaged students.

With hundreds of alumni and friends taking part in the Worldwide Manchester Run, your collective support will make a huge difference to students' lives.

Making your suggested donation of £5 is quick and easy - just visit our secure donations page and enter a few simple details. You can donate in GBP, from wherever you are in the world. 

Thank you

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