Manchester's search for a life-saving stroke treatment

1128 donors have given to Manchester's search for a life-saving stroke treatment, raising £112,340.

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We've reached our £100,000 target! But you can still support our search for a stroke treatment.

"Haemorrhagic stroke – or ‘brain haemorrhage’, as it’s often called, accounts for one in seven strokes, but there’s still no emergency treatment. In fact, you’re no more likely to survive a brain haemorrhage now than you were 30 years ago. With your support, we can find a life-saving treatment sooner.” 

- Professor Stuart Allan, Professor of Neuroscience

Thank you

Thanks to hundreds of generous people around the world, we’ve exceeded our £100,000 fundraising target. That means we’ll be able to expand Manchester’s stroke team with a talented new researcher. We’re overwhelmed by how generously our community has come together.

But you can still show your support for the Manchester stroke team. Every pound that you give will help to provide the equipment, resources and state-of-the-art lab tests our new researcher needs.

Supporting desperately-needed research

The last 30 years have seen so many breakthroughs. More people than ever are recovering from conditions like cancer and heart disease. But despite that progress, your odds of surviving a brain haemorrhage haven't improved.

A brain haemorrhage is a type of stroke, caused by a bleed inside the brain. There's no successful treatment. Here at Manchester we’re determined to find one.

By making a gift to this special appeal, you’ll help expand our stroke research team at a critical time. And by doing that, you could help your University find a life-saving brain haemorrhage treatment much sooner.

Make a breakthrough happen sooner

If you or someone you love have been affected by stroke, you’ll be aware that it can strike out of nowhere. And you’ll know the devastating effect it can have on your life.

Brain haemorrhages account for one in seven strokes – and lead to 40% of all stroke deaths. They claim millions of lives around the world every year.

An emergency treatment is desperately needed. Your gift today will provide urgent support to help Manchester researchers make progress towards a breakthrough much more quickly.

Expand Manchester's stroke research team

Here at Manchester, researchers like Professor Stuart Allan work with doctors from the UK's largest clinical stroke centre. It gives us a unique insight into how stroke affects patients – which we take back to the lab and use to guide our research.

We’re already exploring promising treatments – like the anti-inflammatory drug anakinra. It has potential to transform the way brain haemorrhages are treated, by reducing dangerous inflammation in the brain. But to get to that point, we need to carry out more research.

How your gift will help

Thanks to 1,000 generous donors, we're now in a position to expand our stroke team with a new Doctoral Researcher. They’ll help us learn more about how brain haemorrhages affect the brain. And they’ll develop new approaches in the lab which we can test out in the clinic.

Our new Doctoral Researcher will help speed up the search for a brain haemorrhage treatment. To do that, they'll need lab equipment, research consumables, and state-of-the-art lab tests. Any gifts above our £100,000 target will help provide them and the stroke team with the resources they need to succeed.

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