Manchester students in financial need

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Will you help a brilliant student say 'yes' to Manchester?

"Before I came to Manchester, I wasn’t sure if I’d feel welcome at university. But with my scholarship, it feels like someone’s taken me under their wing. It showed me that I do belong here." - Jaiesh, second year medical student 

This has been a tough year for students everywhere. In fact, one in three UK students have struggled to afford basic living  expenses during the pandemic.

Sadly, those from disadvantaged backgrounds have been hardest hit – and will continue to be so the in the months to come. The part-time jobs they rely on are yet to recover. And they’re less able than ever to seek help from their families.

Build brighter futures for students who’ve overcome the odds

Soon, a new cohort of students will begin their own Manchester adventures. Their lives are about to change forever. But for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, the dream of a university education could feel completely out of reach.

These students have beaten the odds to secure a place at the University. They’ve worked hard in difficult circumstances. And despite everything life has thrown at them, they’ve never given up on their hope of a better future.

With the new academic year fast approaching, many talented students could be forced to let go of their dream of a University of Manchester education. Faced with the impossible task of choosing between their current needs and their future, they might abandon their plans of continuing into higher education.

That’s where you can help.

How you’ll make a difference

Your gift will help provide scholarships, to allow deserving students to join us at Manchester in September. And you’ll increase the financial support that’s available to them throughout their time at university.

With your support they’ll be able to learn and discover, form lifelong friendships and take part in skill-building activities. And their time at Manchester could be the first step in a career that goes on to benefit us all.

You’ll help them say ‘yes’ to Manchester. And by doing so, you’ll change their lives forever.

Show your support before July

The new academic year is fast approaching and with it brings the next generation of students.

Right now, many will be receiving the news they've been dreaming of. As they read through their offers to study at Manchester, they’ll be filled with immense pride and nervous excitement. And they’ll look forward to the life-changing experience waiting for them in September.

By 14 July, this year's students will have received their Manchester offers. But without extra support, many of them will find it impossible to accept their university places. Your gift today will change that.

By donating today, you’ll give a bright, talented student a gift they’ll treasure for life – a wonderful education.

With your support, they’ll be able to start their own Manchester experience in September. And with you by their side, who knows what they could go on to achieve?ㅤㅤ

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