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Will you help a student from a disadvantaged background start their studies at Manchester?

“I have experienced first-hand what a lack of money can do, and my scholarship has been a huge help during my time at university. I'm excited to finally be making progress towards my ambitions. Your support is an investment in our future."

 Jack - BEng Mechanical Engineering with an Integrated Foundation Year

Nobody’s background should limit their education or stifle their dreams. But sadly, it happens all too often. Young people from the poorest households are five times less likely to go to a top university than the richest. And the rising cost of living means that this year’s students face more challenges than ever before.

You can help change that – by making a gift to provide scholarships and hardship support for bright people hoping to start their studies this year. With your help, they’ll be able to say “yes” to Manchester and go on to achieve their amazing potential.

Levelling the playing field

Across the country, disadvantaged students face a desperate choice. Some take on too many hours in part-time jobs, or resort to credit cards and overdrafts to make ends meet. And sadly, some give up altogether – and give in to the belief that university just isn’t meant for people like them.

Your gift will allow a student to commit to their learning, without the stress of money worries weighing on their mind. And you’ll help them take part in clubs and activities – which support positive mental health and boost employability.

Their journey starts now

Hopeful students have worked incredibly hard to secure their places at Manchester. The Covid-19 pandemic meant these students had a difficult start to their academic journeys. They’ve persevered with their studies to make up this lost time.

Now they finally have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

You can make sure that hard work pays off. Your kindness will give a student the chance to start their Manchester journey. And with you by their side, they’ll be able to shine.

By making your gift, you can help a talented person say “yes” to Manchester. Thank you so much for your support.

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