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Will you help a student overcome barriers to education?

From making life-long friends to developing skills and connections – studying at Manchester is life-changing. And it's an experience that should be open to every bright person – no matter what background they come from.

But students today face incredible challenges. The rising cost of living has left one in four across the country struggling to afford basic essentials. And sadly, many of the most promising people could find it hard to go to university this year without extra support.

You can change that – by making an urgent gift before 19 July. Every penny you give will provide direct support to a student who could find it impossible to study at Manchester without your help. 

Saying “yes” to Manchester

This year, hundreds of students will be relying on scholarships to make their university dreams a reality. They might come from low-income households, have spent time in the care system, or have no contact with their families. But despite those barriers, they'll have earned their place here at Manchester on merit.

You’ll give one of these talented people the support they need to accept their university place.

Providing financial relief

With the cost-of-living crisis hitting students hard, applications for hardship grants are higher than ever. This year, we've seen three times more applications than the last year before the pandemic.

You’ll help increase the funds available to students to match this increase in demand. Your gift could be the difference between a student being able to continue their education and not.

Levelling the playing field

Students from less advantaged backgrounds often miss out on the opportunities that make university life so special. But you’ll make sure they can enjoy a balanced experience – just like their more privileged peers.

With your help they’ll be able to take part in skill-building activities and initiatives that set them up for the future.

Giving students a helping hand

When you make a gift, you’ll become a source of inspiration and encouragement for the next generation of students.

At a difficult time, it will mean the world to know that you’re out there, willing them on.

By making your gift today, you can help a talented person say “yes” to Manchester this year. Thank you so much for your support.

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