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The University of Manchester is a global research powerhouse. For nearly 200 years, our discoveries have changed the world. We’re the birthplace of the computer, and the pioneers of graphene. And over the years, our health research has saved countless lives.  

But we need your help. As COVID-19 takes its heavy toll on the economy, research funding is being cut. By making a gift today, you’ll help to scale-up our research – at a time when it’s needed like never before.

Your gift today will support our research in a very important way – by creating opportunities for PhD students to make new discoveries. PhD students are the lifeblood of the University. They’re the worker bees that power every discovery.

Right now, the world is rightly focused on the importance of scientific discovery. The difference that our researchers make in tackling global challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot be understated.

By supporting a PhD today, you’ll help make sure the brightest minds are powering our research. You’ll help us find solutions to society’s big questions.

And the impact you’ll have is extraordinary. Your gift will build knowledge in key areas of research here at Manchester.

So please make a gift today, and help us make the next big Manchester discovery.

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